Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So far this morning I swam for an hour, spent 30 minutes in pool commute and have totally frittered away 2 whole hours doing pretty much nothing but computer clicking.

My brother's April newsletter is ready for editing and I promised I'd do that first thing this morning. So, it seems, my definition of first thing is a little squishy. We have a bit of time before April so I don't think it's critical.

Also today, I need to go back to the pharmacy and get the new inhaler. There may be other errands done then, too.

Oh and I need to figure out why my iPod Shuffle keeps replaying the same book part instead of going on to the next. I think I know but I need to test and testing is tedious but it really does bug me. I can merge all the parts into one mp3 but I'd sure rather iTunes did what it was supposed to do.

And then... dolls... bears... and baseball.
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