Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim no fins

spiritgirl I asked me about my swim equipment and I promised I'd 'splain. I'm kind of middle of the road on equipment. Some people come to the pool with a mesh bag full of swim toys, water bottles, aids (ear plugs, etc). Some people come to the pool with nothing (most have, at least, goggles but once in a while there's someone goggle free). I'm in the middle.

I use goggles. I like mine dark and comfortable and leak proof and fogless. My current pair fogs pretty quickly and severely but meets the rest of the requirements. About 2 or 3 times in an hour, I'll stop and lick the inside of my goggles and that keeps the fog at bay.

I clip my mp3 player on the back of my googles. I cannot imagine swimming without music or a book. It's not easy. There more players than waterproofed iPod Shuffles. I think I've tried most if not all. They all suck. The iPod Shuffles suck less than most. Even as much as I hate iTunes.

And, finally, I use webbed neoprene gloves. I use them for two reasons. 1. they protect my hands from bruising. When I share a lane, invariably, my hand slaps the hard plastic of the lane lines and my hands get all bruised. 2. I think the web part maybe gives me more traction through the water and so makes my muscles work harder. It for sure helps with the bruising so the rest is gravy.

There is more I could use - flippers, paddle board, water shoes, crotch float, snorkle, weights(ankle/wrist) - but I don't.

When I took aqua fit classes, they had water barbells and flotation belts that were very helpful but I've never seen a class that didn't provide those things so you don't need to have your own.

As always... questions welcome, of course!

Watching baseball and sewing dolls. Even sleeping half the day didn't kill it.

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