Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Friday

I went down the hall to the open house to check it out and then did a little internet research and discovered that the people selling the unit have made only one change since they bought it a year ago. They painted the extra bedroom and really horrible green - kind of a neon kelly-ish blue green (and I pretty much love all greens but this is butt ugly). The carpet is filthy. And the add on cabinetry doors are all crooked.

The owners before them built out the extra bedroom and bathroom into the hallway which made room for the shower in the half bath. The kitchen appliances are 25 years old. And the place is smaller than mine by about 100 sq.ft. $515,000. This will be interesting to watch.

I also ran into my neighbor, Hunter, who I haven't seen in a long time. He said he was just out of the hospital where they removed his liver and small intestines and part of his bowel and part of his diaphragm. And, he said, all of the cancer. "At least I don't have to do chemotherapy." I'm guessing he was exaggerating for dramatic effect. But I'm also guessing he'll be doubling down on the pot now. He's one weird duck.

I took a nap for an hour and dreamed that I slept for 2 hours.

Thankgod for having to pay such a high income tax bill this year. It totally saved me for even considering a deal that I am pretty sure I otherwise would have, unwisely, bought today. There's a Kickstarter campaign for a new swim gadget. It's a kind of smart music player for swimming that loads from your phone and runs on Android.

It would enable me to load all kinds of music without having to purchase it first, and control podcasts and books. I backed it when it first went up. But now they have added a new thing - give them $5K and they will, right now, give you one of the working prototypes to use/test/own and when the product is finished, you'll get the new one. I'm so tempted. The people behind the project are from Oregon and I've dealt with them many times. I even backed their last Kickstarter for earbuds I now use every day.

If I was not staring down the barrel of a $4,700 tax bill due next month, I seriously think I'd bite. It would be so cool to get a prototype and to be part of the build process on a product I really want so much and would use every day. $5k is just too big a bite and it's just as well.

I'm backing a batch of chex mix and the perfume of it has now filled the house deliciously.

And I made two dolls.

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