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We only lived in Kansas City until I was 5 and a half. We moved at Christmas of 1955. So I don't have a giant pile of memories but I do have a few.

I remember when the host of my favorite TV show had a collapsed on the air (everything on TV was live then) and switched the picture to words and I couldn't read and my mother was busy with my siblings and wouldn't come in the living room to read the words to me. I started learning to read that day.

I remember Daddy taking me out one Saturday to buy me a watch and then teaching me how to tell time. It was a Timex. Now that I could read and tell time, there was no stopping me.

I wanted sandals and Mom said I couldn't have any. So I thought about it and thought about it and got some cardboard and some fabric and made my own. I was 5 so there were some design and construction issues but I took them to Daddy and he helped me get them so that I could at least wear them in the house. I could now read and tell time and make shoes. Step aside for amazingness.

It's funny that I have such memories of doing stuff with Daddy. My sister would tell you that he was an absent father in every way - physically as well as emotionally. I don't think my brother has a lot of memories of playing with Daddy when he was little but I sure do. He was often out of town but when he was home, he was always ready to rock and roll me with me.

Funnily enough, one of the few photos I have of this time is one of Daddy playing with the two of them in the living room of that house in Kansas City.

To Be Continued
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