Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There were way fewer people than normal at the gym today. The parking garage was half empty and the pool was very empty. Did I miss a memo? Everyone take St. Patrick's Day off? Weird.

Another condo on this hall went for sale today. People are grabbing the money and running for sure. I don't know the sellers. They only bought it last year. Assuming, like the other recent sales, they will sell it quickly and for more than asking, they will have turned a sweet little profit. Bought it for $475,000 12 months ago. Listed today for $515,000. It's on the same side of the building as mine so same features - bath and a half - only they've turned the half bath into a 3/4ths by adding a shower. I need to see how they did that. Fortunately, there's an open house today at 11. I'll be walking 2 doors down to check this out.

Someone needs to do some laundry soon. Ok, I just put in the first of two loads that will do it. I'll be so glad when this washing machine/dryer dies and I can replace it. It's front loader and the door never shuts right and it does not use up soap like it should and it's just a major PIA. I want the old el cheapo GE washer/dryer stacker combo (which isn't exactly cheap but is way cheaper than this set was).

I deleted a bunch of stuff off my TiVo last night. Series that I kinda didn't hate and might want to watch someday. I'm watching less TV these days and soon and have decided to stick to things I like and venture out to streaming stuff if regular TV doesn't have good stuff. Life is too short to waste it watching mediocre.

Ditto podcasts and books. If I stay organized, I waste less time (or rather have more time to waste) and enjoy everything more.

Off now to the sewing machine. There are dolls that need to be made.
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