Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fore Armed

When I get to the end of the lane, I grab the edge of the pool (the edge is maybe 8" higher than the water surface so the reach is up) and pull my body into the side of the pool from which I then push off with my feet to go back up the lane. Yesterday morning while I was out and about, my right arm was really hurting. Not the elbow, this time but that section between the elbow and shoulder. As the day wore on the hurt went away. I don't know that the swimming action is the cause but this morning I tried very hard to use the right arm at the turns at all. I'm not sure it made any difference. The arm is sore again now. I can also feel the hurt part is being used when I type so maybe it wasn't swimming after all.

I feel like I never really got to sleep last night. I must have because I kept waking up. All night. However, my tracker says I slept better than the night before last when I never woke up at all. Something is off somewhere...

But, it doesn't matter. Nothing critical needs to happen today so if I get sleepy I'll sleep. If my arm hurts, I'll quit using it. It's all ok.

Zoey has not been eating much for the past few days. She has seemed a little down. I think she maybe had a bit of a bug. But, clearly she's on the mend. She's wolfing down breakfast like someone's going to take it from her if she doesn't. Or maybe she just likes the new food bowl I got her at Goodwill.

Lots of good sewing to do today.

Oh and here's a bear from last night.

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