Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different day...

The house cleaner was late. There was horrible traffic and she was in a not fun mood. So I took the contents of my Goodwill hamper and fled the scene. I stopped at the donation point and emptied the car and then went inside the store. It was Senior Discount Wednesday! I wandered around and just looked at stuff and really enjoyed myself. I got some stuff I didn't need and then went to the library. I returned my CD's and got the book that was on hold.

The webcam showed that the house cleaner was vacuuming which she does last. The library book was one on what to do fabric scraps. So I sat at the library and got what I wanted out of the book and then turned it in. Pretty efficient!

When I got home the house was oh so nice and clean. Plus before she got here, I had tackled two kitchen cabinets that had become unusable they were so full of junk. I took the necessary pieces out to the storage on the terrace and put the rest in the Goodwill pile. Now I have more storage! Oh and I found a small blender that I had completely forgotten about. Soon it will be milk shake time and I'll be very happy I found it.

In the sewing room, I made fabric out of scraps and cut out a new pocketbook. I'll put it together tomorrow but also just now found another project for tomorrow, too. My fireplace opening is blocked out with a large piece of felt which I installed a couple of years ago. The felt is held up by tape and magnets. The tape is retiring (as in the damn thing keeps falling down) so tomorrow I'll sew the magnets to the felt. And then I'll put the purse together.

So ... no dolls today! The Mariners got stomped again today but it was on TV and the broadcast came in perfectly via TiVo on my little tablet in the sewing room. Such a treat.

Now I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner. Zoey is trying to convince me that head scratching the cat in my lap should be my only task for the moment. She's quite persistent. And she needs her back claws trimmed.
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