Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What was it like when you were growing up?

celluloid_jam asked me this today. There are bits and pieces of the answer sprinkled throughout the more than 19,800 entries of this journal. So this will be repeats. And I'm going to make myself a game of it. Short bits. A new one every day. And this time I'm going to tag these suckers.

And I'll start at the beginning.

I was born - Susan Karolene Schubert on at 10:37 pm on March 28, 1949 in Prospect Heights Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. Truman was president. My dad was 25 and my Mom was 26. And we lived at 110 Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn.

Amazingly the house is still standing and Google has a picture of it.

We lived in the back on the 2nd floor. The kitchen was too small to house the refrigerator so it was in the living room. My Mom's Mom came from Oklahoma to help her only daughter have her first child. It was a BFD for Grandma to come (she'd never been to New York and Grandpa was ill equipped to be on his own) and she got there just before my due date of March 15. Both my parents always said that it was a wonder the three of them did not kill each other while I took my sweet time picking my birthday.

I had 18 blissful months as an only child. Just before my sister was born in August, we moved to River Edge, New Jersey. Daddy went to work for Hanes (the underwear peops) as a salesman. He took me to my first Macy's Day parade in December of 1950. Just me and him. I sat on his shoulders.

And then he got a bigger territory and we moved to Des Moines, Iowa in the Fall of 1951. Mom knew nobody. Had two small children (one adorable) and Daddy traveled 8 days out of 7. Finally, Spring came and she met some new friends and my sister finally learned how to use the toilet so Mom could spend some time doing something besides washing diapers and Daddy came home with another new promotion and the announcement that we were moving to Kansas City, MO.

To Be Continued
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