Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I was born on 3rd base. White, male and middle class.

Well, not me but I read this this morning in my brother's (bill_schubert) journal and it really struck me. And, actually, I was also born on 3rd base - although female, I was born into an era when while we may not have equality yet, I think we can see it from here and, at least most of my life, I've had legal, if not actual support.

We were raised by two people who were married to each other and in a loving relationship for 52 years. We were absolutely privileged in all ways. We were taught and shown that all things were possible. We were given the best foundation possible. I think I could have done more/better with it but I don't think I wasted it either.

My swim this morning was better than usual. I swam for 70 minutes and could have gone longer but traffic. As it was I hit a slow down on the bridge and crawled along bumper to bumper for about 10 minutes. But, the swim was so good, it was like a shield against any frustration, I just went with the very slow flow.

It's a gray rainy Seattle day here but it's getting warmer and warmer. Right now it's 50 degrees outside. Kind of hard to imagine the snow storm in the northeast. And how come northeastern storms all have names? We don't get names here.

Nothing big on the agenda today... just a regular doll making/bear knitting day.
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