Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still daylight

My twitter feed is all about how it's still daylight out. I think it must be heavy on the Eastcoasterish folks. It's still daylight here, too, but then, it's only 4 pm. Even in the dead of winter on a cloudy day, it's almost always daylight at 4 pm.

I am down to two manual clocks both of with were a major PIA to take off the wall and put back until my brother's last visit when he fixed the one that was really a problem. I traded out the other one for a different clock and so fixed that one myself. Oh, wait, the stove needs a fix but that's the easiest.

I did get to the library plus the audio book I'd been waiting for also came up for check out so I have that downloaded and ready to start tonight. I finished up the one I was listening to while swimming and loaded up the next one onto the swim MP3 player. So I'm set for now book listening wise.

Tonight being Sunday, there will be breakfast for dinner. Waffles, eggs and bacon. And then I will be out of bacon so there will need to be a Costco run this week. I also need paper towels and butter but mainly bacon. I'm thinking tomorrow.

The Mariners lost big time. Many of their power players are off playing in a world tournament for their particular country's team. So our current Spring Training team is mostly guys I've never heard of ... yet. Some look like they have real promise. Others are clearly not fully baked yet. I'm ready for the real season to start.

Doll's made today:

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