Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I fully expected the gym door unlocker to be late today. On weekends they are often late anyway and today, with the time change, chances were very good but, no. The now usual Sunday guy was there folding towels when I got there about 10 til. It was the gym members who were no shows. The joint was deserted. I had the pool entirely to myself for the first 50 minutes. Then one guy - a regular - showed. But I never saw another soul in the locker room.

I have owned my car now for 6 years and so 12 time changes and still I can never remember how to do it but know that going backwards is a major PIA. So, very likely, I will leave the car clock as it is and make the adjustment in my head.

I came home and made an absolutely delicious egg, bacon, cheese and calamari olive breakfast quesadilla. It was really excellent. I need to remember it for next weekend.

I just looked on my calendar to see what time the game was on today and if it was on TV and I saw that tomorrow is the day - 4 years ago - that I bought Zoey home. The shelter guessed she was 4 at the time to we mark tomorrow as her birthday as well. She's currently celebrating with a cat nap.

The library just sent me an email that 2 of my holds were ready for pickup. I knew this would happen since, just yesterday, I went out of my way to get to a branch to return the CD that had been rattling around in my front seat for 2 weeks. I cudda waited a day. My branch doesn't open until 1 but I think I'll go ahead today and go pick up the stuff waiting for me today.

But, it's only 11 now so I think I'll go clean up the kitchen and then make a doll and then go to the library.
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