Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Automotive DOH

When I got near the house after running errands this morning, my check engine light came on. I have an Automotive OBD-II adapter and it even sent me an email that my check engine light was on and it said that 'cylinder 3 misfire detected' which sounded kind of ominous. It does tell me that I can clear the check engine light and see if it comes back on only the app wouldn't do that.

So I started to stew. Finally, I decided to get in the car and drive around and assess. It drove fine but the light was on. So off to the Mercedes place. I pulled in at 2:30 and finally someone asked if I wanted help and told me they were getting ready to close - at 2:30????

I stood my ground - looking old and desperate and pitiful. Finally this guy came out and said I'd need to make an appointment. I asked him about driving with the light on and he then he asked...

And I'm sure there are car people reading this who have already guessed the answer...

Did you recently put gas in? 2 miles ago. He took the gas cap off and screwed it back in solidly. He said that if that was it, the light will go out but not for two or three driving cycles. I asked if I could go as many as 20 miles with it on and he said 'oh sure!' And he said that if it started driving differently to pull over and call.

Fair enough but I'm totally sure it's the gas cap. That happened to me before in a different car. Anyway, I'm no longer stewing.

I did get all my errands done. Even tomorrow's.

And I got a couple of dolls made...

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