Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a quiet Wednesday - the in between week with no house cleaner. I like it.

I'm pretty much over the whole doll situation. I got a lot of LJ comments with suggestions of places that might like the dolls and I am sure there are a gazillion more but... the amount of effort I am willing to expend to find contacts and then make contacts in hopes of finding someone to take them is minimal. I've sent two emails out. Jeannie (the Baby Bank lady) is going to ask around. If something pops up, great. If not, I'll drop off the ones Jeannie does not want at the Goodwill drop off and hope they land appropriately. I'll make more as long as it's fun to do.

I had a nice swim this morning. Swimming and 'reading' a book is a great combo. And I'm really enjoying the current book. I'm having a hard time landing on my next novel. The past two nights (when I get my best 'reading' done) I've tried and abandoned two different candidates. Tonight, if I don't find a better option, I'll go with the second in the Crissa Stone series.

My experiment with CBS All Access streaming took an interesting turn. I decided to opt in for the more expensive ad-free version. And I hooked it up to Roku and I must say that the experience is excellent. I have a few CBS shows on TiVo that I haven't watched yet and I think I'll likely watch them via All Access while I have it for the next 6 weeks.

Meanwhile another very interesting option popped up today... a new British TV stream called Britbox. It is ad free and has a much better offering than Acorn. It even has the Sewing Bee. I may well give it a drive after I dump CBS All Access.

I have a bunch of Amazon stuff (my Subscribe and Save delivery) coming today. I used up the last of my Cerave lotion this morning. The delivery includes a new bottle. Whew. Tonight is the first night baseball game of the season. But, before that - dolls and bears.
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