Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All good things...

Well, it looks like the 10th year taking bears and now dolls to Jeannie (who gets them into small hands) will be the last year. I don't understand all of how she does what she does but it is dependant on a team of nurses. Most are funded by the government and are leaving their jobs now assuming that under the current government, their funding will dry up sooner than later.

Already she wants fewer dolls now. And she wants dolls with hajibs mostly.

She does want more bears. But the bears take longer and aren't as much fun.

I'm bummed. But, hey, it was 10 years of painless giving and I'm grateful for that.

I don't think I want to stop making dolls or make only hajib wearing ones. Plus, I just got all that fabric! And, in fear of running out, I have 30 pounds of stuffing in house and 20 more on the way.

So I need to find another place to give them. They are not OSHA safe and I don't want them to be so that eliminates a lot of options. Jeannie understands this particular aspect and volunteered to ask around for me.

I have zero desire to do any bit of packing and shipping. I have zero desire to sell them.

So... I did just Google 'used toys non-profit seattle' and found a page of a bunch of places like Treehouse For Kids which is not far from here. There are options.

I think until I think of something else, I'll just make as usual and when I get a pile, I'll contact a few places and see if there are any takers.

On the up side, I stopped at Uwajimaya on the way home and totally forgot it was their senior discount window. Every Tuesday 9-11 and I just hit the sweet spot. The guy who checked me out - maybe mid-40's - tentatively asked 'are you aware of our special discount?' Clear he did not want to call me old. The minute he asked, I remembered and flipped out my drivers license. I love being carded for old.

So at least I have a nice lunch waiting and it was cheaper than usual!
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