Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Quick Comments

What a treat to see the new Quick Comments in my friend's feed. I love that. I also love that LJ is still doing new things after all these years.

Last night's Home Owners Board meeting was a doozie. We have a president who was once a CEO of Aldus and so knows how to handle shit and get shit done and also how to handle people. We'd be dead in the water without her. She believes that they have a decent case against Seattle City Light for damage and repair to our building. BUT, of course, it won't be quick or easy and no upfront payment so a long slog through another building issue to add to the new roof and the tuckpointing.

There are a lot of annoying things about living in a condo but when it comes to stuff like this, I am ever so grateful that I don't have to be involved in any way with all the fallout from all this mess. Very worth the monthly fee.

My bear/doll delivery is not until 10 and it's now only 8. Plenty of time to get some stuff done before I head out.
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