Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Turns out that the sprinkler blow up, blew up the concrete on the ramp leading from that part of the garage to the street. So that's why none of the cars can get out. That's a  fairly severe YIKES! Glad it's not my part of the garage and sorry for those who are trapped.

Also turns out that when my system came back up, my ISP gave me a different IP address. I would not know or care except for my webcams. I also have that covered with a redirected URL. I keep a little program on my Windows machine which polls the sitch periodically and when it sees an IP change, it tells the mother ship that controls the URL.

ONLY... I totally forgot to install the little program when I got the new computer. So the mother ship didn't know and the URLs didn't work, nor did the old IP. The cams worked fine when I checked them because I only looked on the internal network. Finally my brother asked me if the power was still out. Ooops.

Everything fixed now. And I consolidated all the URLS on one page.

I bagged up all the adoptees after getting the group shots. And now I'm done until HOA meeting time. And the Mariners are winning again. They lost yesterday wasn't that much fun. Yeah it's only Spring training but it still matters to me.

I use the web based editor to write LJ entries in my Chrome browser. It used to remember little things ('last used') and now it doesn't and it's driving me a little nuts. For instance, when I click on picture, it defaults to upload and not 'last used' which is past URL. I have been crawling all over look for some switch to fix this and can't find it. It's like a technical hangnail.

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