Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Morning After...

I shut down my book and turned off the flashlight at 10. It was really too dark and quiet to sleep but finally I managed only to have the building fire alarm go off about 11. I stayed in bed and just listened. Finally, in what seemed like forever, I heard the firetruck and then in another forever the alarm got turned off and I went back to sleep. (In retrospect, I think the firetruck was probably here in under 5 minutes and I think I slept through some of the alarm.) A little after midnight, the power came back on. I got up to turn off the living room light. Then, about 3 minutes later, I got up again because TiVo started up again and the TV was on. And then I went back to sleep with no problems.

When I got up this morning, my Wifi was not back up. I booked that fix for apres swim. However, when I got home, it was all up and operational all on its own.

Electronically, I did way better than expected. The only thing that came close to running out of battery was my one good tablet that I use for most. But, my one really good external battery fixed that right up and fast. Data wise I was in great shape. The T-Mobile data stream was strong and steady. I probably could have streamed video with it. But, I didn't try. My Netflix downloads kept me entertained.

I had downloaded the first three episodes of one series that I only watched two of but now I am hooked. It's called No Tomorrow. It was apparently a series on the CW last fall. Not clear how I missed that. But I've found it now and there are 11 more episodes to watch so, fun!

I also did not use half of my flashlights. Didn't need 'em. And this morning, I switched my T-Mobile account to their prepaid call/text only $3 a month plan. It will keep that phone number alive and give me a viable backup sim that I can upgrade on the fly if I need to. I had $30 on my account so now my backup is even paid for the rest of the year.

But, mainly, I survived.

The fire alarm was actually a flood. In the garage. The sprinkler system apparently blew after a backup caused by no electricity. It's an isolated section and, if full (which it probably wasn't) holds 18 cars. The cleanup was underway when I left for the pool at 5:30 this morning. I ran into the HOA president when I got back and she said the major issue right now is that no one parked there can move their cars yet. Unhappy condo props = really bad Monday for lots o' people. There is a condo meeting tonight so I'll get the skippy then.

Today I will be making a couple more dolls and then it's time for photog and packing up for delivery tomorrow. And that's really it for the goings on this week. Nothing on the calendar. All's clear and free for whatever I want or whatever happens. Nice.

But, first I need to put away all the flashlights and external batteries and wash the dishes from last night.
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