Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The lights went out about 4:20. Zoey was not thrilled. She's always very chill with fire works and loud noises and marching bands along the street under the terrace. Turns out dead quiet is her kryptonite. It's now 7 pm and she's kind of calming down a little but still trying to figure out whatthefuckisgoingon.

Across the street, the apartments and the stadium all have electricity and lights on. I wonder if it's our block that's dark or just our building. I can't tell from here and I'm sure as shit not going down four floors of steps to find out cause there's no way I'd get back up.

T-Mobile is providing a nice data stream and my electronics are holding their own. I'm chewing through the Netflix stuff I downloaded. It feels cold in here but that's probably more my imagination than actual heat loss. The quiet is sure deafening. When the juice comes back on it's going to be quite the symphony at 4 am or whenever they flip the switch.
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