Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I only made one doll today because my sewing time was used to finish the new bag. I'm quite delighted with it. It's very small - about 10x7-ish. I stuck to the pattern exactly except for the strap. I usually wander off and make massive changes. I do think next time I make this one, I will make it maybe an inch wider. Otherwise, it's pretty perfect for me.

I gave up on carrying big purses a while back. They hurt my shoulder and, honestly, I don't need to be hauling around all that shit. Downsizing makes me keep the contents very current and very minimum. Works great for me.

So fun to see baseball again. And, watching my TiVo on my tablet back in the sewing room works perfectly this year. Last year it worked but not well enough to actually see a whole game. New mesh router has really turned that formerly dead wifi spot live again. Nice.

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