Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I bit the bullet last night and signed up for CBS All Access. And so was able to watch the 3rd episode of The Good Fight. It is so good. It and Imposters (Bravo) - best shows on TV. I will not get to record tomorrow's Madam Secretary so I'll be able to see it anyway which is a nice little bonus. There are 7 more episodes of The Good Fight. I'll cancel after I've seen them all.

I had bee up having coffee for about 5 minutes this morning when I got a motherfucker of a nosebleed. I could not get it to stop. I tried all my usual tricks. Finally I broke out the ice pack and froze it to death. Mainly I needed it to stop well before time to leave for the pool. I cut it close. But, all is fine now. I love winter. But, my nose is not a fan.

My swim was good. The pool was packed but I shared a lane with a pro so my swim was not affected at all.

Tomorrow is The Big Electrical Outage. Starting at 4 pm and going until 4 am. I'll be using T-Mobile for internet - I have 4 GBs left this month to burn off. And I have a pile of external batteries. I should be able to keep myself entertained til bedtime.

Today is back to my real life. Sewing and listening to the baseball game and watching TV and knitting. All good stuff.
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