Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home, home, home again...

A little more than an hour at the show was plenty. When the lines in the bathroom stretched out to the hall, I knew it was time to go. (Had I needed to pee, I would have for sure used the men's room. I was just using the toilet line as a marker that the crowd had arrived and it was time for me to go.)

The Goodwill store was nice and bright and full of helpful sales people. But it was also small and didn't have much. So it didn't take long. When I got done and got to the car, it popped in my head to Google for pool opportunities. Bingo! I found one just up the road on the way home. Fife Aquatic Center. Their website said they were open for laps so I headed there. It turned out to be perfect!

It's a city pool that has clearly been there for a few years but has also been kept up beautifully. The lockers were really really old but the showers were state of the art with fabulous water pressure. There is a 6 lane 25 yard pool, a small kiddy pool and a spa - all artfully decorated with adorable aquatic paintings. They had all the things you might ever want in terms of swim toys. There were 2 lanes of an impressively populated aqua fit class for really old ladies and 4 lanes for laps. And it was salt water. It turned out to be a really excellent swim. I was so glad I did it. I felt great both during and after.

I stopped at the Dairy Queen across the street when I was done. We do not have a Dairy Queen here - only the TV ads for them. It had been years. I got a burger and fries which were just what I need and otherwise totally unremarkable. I'm good on Dairy Queen now for a many years, I think.

It rained nearly all the way home and then stopped when I got here.

I dumped all my purchases out on the bed because that way I will put them away today so I can sleep tonight!

Total cost of trip including hotel, meals, all shopping including stores and show = 754.71.

Before I left, I promised myself I could spend wildly and freely as long as the total bill was under $1,000.00. So... success! It was the perfect vacation. Just the right amount of food, luxury, wonder and loot.
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