Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

boosting the economy

Not sure which is taking a bigger hit today - my credit cards or my feet! All are exhausted. I got to the Sew Expo at 8:45. They had opened the doors at 8:30. Turns out that was a genius decision. By noon it was too crowded to enjoy. I cannot imagine what it's going to be like on Saturday. I have no plans to find out first hand.

The show is actually pretty cool if you like sewing and shit. There are 1 and a half pavilions of vendors and then a bunch of demo halls and classrooms. The classes didn't really interest me enough to pay extra. The big draw for me was wallowing in a ginormous sewing store. I expected to see a lot more cool gadgets. I want something to churn 1/4" perfect circles out of felt. I want trick scissors that cut cool shapes and patterns of of fabric like they have for paper. I saw a lot of sewing tricks and tools but really not much I hadn't seen before. I also did not see a lot of little embellishments like I use on my dolls.

I bought some big pieces of fabric - swim suit fabric and a couple pieces to make shirts. My biggest fun came from the little booth that had piles of cotton print remnants. $8.00 a pound. Here's a bag, pick your favorites. I went back twice - 3 pounds total. I will probably do that again tomorrow. After I got my fill of the show, I left the show. I went to Walmart and kind of found what I wanted and then stopped at a Michaels and did not find what I wanted but still managed to spend money.

I'm in a Marriott - complete with a Book of Mormon. It's a nice place with nice people and free breakfast. I found a Popeye's chicken for lunch and it was delicious. I really want to go to Red Lobster for dinner. I thought there was one here but turns out the closest one is 17 miles away. Too far for me. There's a Black Angus down the street. I suspect it will be packed with sewing ladies but I think I'll give it a try anyway. Maybe if I go early enough they will have room for me. I'm getting pretty hungry.

Tomorrow I plan to walk through again and see what I may have missed and maybe sit in on a demo or not. And then I'll head home. There's a pool in this hotel but it's tiny and really hot so maybe I'll stop at an LA Fitness on the way home or maybe I'll just skip my swim tomorrow. It won't be the end of the world.

So far this has been well worth the effort. I think I might even book a room here for next year's Sew Expo before I leave tomorrow.
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