Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clean and ready

My house is so clean. My house cleaner brought me goulash and mashed potatoes for dinner. Yum. Plus no cooking mess so when I get home Friday, it will be to a clean house and a clean kitchen. Score.

I have all my stuff sorted and ready for my big road trip tomorrow. My plan is to go swim and then come home, hang up my suit, gather up all my stuff and go. I'll be heading out away from rush hour traffic but will probably still get caught in some. No biggie. If I don't, and get there too early, I may just go on down the road (past the fair grounds where the Sew Expo is held) to Walmart. I have a short shopping list for there I can knock off before the show.

I got a bunch of other little stuff done today, too. I have not gone outside to walk in forever. I know I should and I just don't. The poke bowls worked for a while but paying $10 for lunch every day when I really don't have to seems silly. Maybe once a week. Maybe next week I'll be better. Maybe maybe maybe.

I got an email from an old (as in both ways - 80 years old and friends for 30 years) friend today who kindly (???) pointed out that I will be 80 in 2019. He's one of those who really wants to live forever and works hard at it. I have ZERO desire to live to 80 and no interest in seeing 2029. I cannot imagine my lungs will last that long anyway.

Here's what got made/finished today:

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