Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I can see 20,000 from here

It will happen tomorrow but the stress of watching for it is getting to me, so I'm just documenting now instead of waiting...

I've really racked up the miles on this one in five and half years. The car I had before this was 10 years old and only had 10,000 miles on it. I'm such a road warrior!

I've now had my new cell service for a week and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. I get great reception everywhere with nary a hiccough. I have a 1 GB plan (infinitely expandable if/when desired) and I've consciously not governed any data use so I could get a clear idea of my use. So far, I've used .13GB. I'm now able to get texts of all kinds on this number. When it was a Google Voice only number, about half the text services would not work on it. UPS, for instance, and Amazon, never worked. Now both do. Nice.

The house cleaner comes today and so far I'm not inspired to leave while she's here. Well, I'm inspired to leave but I've got nowhere I really want to go and I've got sewing I want to do here. Part of it is timing. She's supposed to get here about 9:30 but lately comes busting in about 11 with some story or other about why she's late this time. She drives me a little crazy but I do love my clean house so I deal and just whine about it here.

The other item for today is getting my shit together to take on the road tomorrow. It's only a simple overnight trip but going in the car complicates things. It means I can take whatever I want and as much as I want. I can do a two week trip in a very small carry on for the plane or train but gimme a car and my editing skills fly out the window. I did find a small back back on wheels to take for the show itself. I'd forgotten I had it and I think it will be perfect.
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