Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of the day

Well, the other condo on this hall - the whacko's unit that went on sale last Friday - is also pending. That means offers in and accepted on two units on this floor within a week of hitting the market. I hope they got their asking price or at least a price they are happy with. And.. New neighbors!

When I powerwashed this Chromebook yesterday, it decided I was British. I could not figure out how/why the spell check function was so funky. Until finally I got to the word neighbors and it said it was misspelled and needed a u inserted. CLUE. Found the setting and, sure enough, I was in Merry Old England.

Zoey has been slinking around here way too long. She has a cat collar that has a bell on it but somehow she manages to keep that bell silent. I was looking on Amazon for a solution and didn't find not but did find a cool rope-ish collar that I replicated today. She now has 3 bells on it. And I'll bet you she'll sneak up on me again yet tonight.

The Bellevue Arts Museum tweeted this afternoon that their membership discounts ended tomorrow... I like the Bellevue Arts Museum way way way better than the Seattle Art Museum. Their exhibits are way more interesting and their building is way more amenable to seeing the art and their shop is full of stuff that you just don't see anywhere else. It's farther away. Lots farther but there is very excellent bus service from here to there.

I don't go a lot because their free day is the first Friday of the month. It's always on my calendar and I never seem to get it together on that one day. I could go and pay any day but I always think - eh, I'll wait til the free Friday and then I don't. Sooooo. Long story short longer... the senior membership is discounted to $40. And I am now a new member!

I'm jazzed.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day. I always try to save my messy cooking for house cleaner eve. Tonight it's just a saute which won't be too bad but I do want to use up some stuff. So onions/mushrooms and shrimp over pasta.

But, first I have some teddy bear to knit.

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