Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good day to go nowhere

Just over the hill, less than a half mile as the crow flies, a tanker truck fell over on the interstate highway that cuts through downtown Seattle about mid morning. It was filled with propane and leaking. They closed off some lanes and traffic started backing up. Then they closed all lanes both ways and some of another interstate that intersects nearby and holy fuck what a mess. We're in hour #5 now and the tanker is still there and no one else is. Twitter and Instagram are full of photos of totally empty highways in the middle of town. There was a taco truck stuck in the middle of the mayhem and they just opened up and started selling lunch right there in the middle of the freeway.

I no longer watch local evening news. I will be Tivoing all the local channels tonight. This is not a slow news day here in Seattle.

Nor is it a warm day. The thermometer here next to my chair says it's 63 degrees in this room and 43 degrees outside. I have a little desktop heater that I rarely use. I turned it on about 10 minutes ago and in short order a cat hopped up here and situated herself between me and the heater.

But we did get some dolls done.

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