Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different - and very fun - swim

This morning, using my free day pass, I went to Seattle Athletic Club which is the gym ljtourist goes to. It's an old club - 35 years old - just beside Pike Place Market. It opens at 7 and I got there at 7:15. I was greeted by a really nice and welcoming guy who had me quickly signed in with a key to a locker and I was off. The place seems gynormous with a bunch of different rooms on at least two floors. I didn't do a lot of nosing around (I have two more day passes so I can nose nect time), but at quick glance they had rooms for every thing - weights and pilaties and massages and machines and lordknowswhatallelse.

The women's locker room is a giant maze but I found my locker and put my stuff away and then went to find the pool which turned out to be right next door but I didn't realize that until I had trotted around the downstairs for a while in my swimsuit. You are welcome early gym goers.

One of the many things I did love is the carpet. Carpet everywhere. 1. sound muffled and 2. feet love.

I found the pool - 5 very skinny lanes. It would be hard to split share a lane but maybe it's not that busy. There was no one there but me for the first 30 minutes of my swim. One guy came in for 20 minutes and left. Then about five minutes before I was done, two more swimmers came in. The water was a bit warmer than I really like but not bad and was salt. It was saltier than most salt water pools I've been in. It was lovely to swim in and now, a couple of hours later, my skin feels amazing. I love salt water. The pool is short 20 yards (my regular pool is 25) BUT once I'd gotten a few laps under my belt, it was not so bad and turns out I think the shorter pool caused more effort on my part and so gave me a better workout. It's an old pool with that pebble surface that old pools used to have before they found tile. Hard on your hands if you, like me, grab the side to turn. BUT I had my gloves on so no biggie really.

When I finished my hour, I just kept going for another 15 minutes because I had a day pass and why not. It was great.

The showers and bathroom areas are pristine and they provide all kinds of cool stuff like q-tips and plastic bags. (The showers at LA Fitness, only 2 years old, are never that clean and they provide just the basics - shampoo, conditioner, soap and sometimes body lotion and sometimes tissues.)

There were two guys at the front desk as I left and they were both very nice and friendly. I could not help but compare to LA Fitness where the staff makes you feel like you annoyed them by showing up.

It's a pricey place but it's also pretty clear you get what you pay for. They have a lot of pool activities - classes and stuff - that prevent just plain lap swimming a lot of the time. And currently I get LA Fitness for free through my insurance. So I'm not switching but if something happened to that insurance deal and I had to pay, I'd seriously consider paying Seattle Athletic Club rather than LA Fitness.

I have two more passes - one for March and one for April. I will absolutely be using them. Sunday morning was a great time to test. There was ample free street parking when I got there. When I came out of the gym, I headed up the street to a favorite breakfast place that I knew opened early. OOOOps. Apparently not early enough. It was 8:40 and they didn't open til 9. Next door was open and they had breakfast sandwiches nd coffee so I gave them a whirl instead of waiting. Good decision. Good sandwich.

Home now and looking forward to a lovely Sunday. Sewing and baseball and TV and knitting. Nice.

Oh, my tracker loves that pool. It measures distance and effort. So I can swim 1 mile one day and get 1200 points and the next day, swim 1 mile the next day but with more effort and get 1400 points. I generally swim 1 to 1.4 miles a day and usually get anywhere from 1300 to 1600 points for it. Today, in the short pool, I swam 1.4 miles and got 1732 points - that's my personal best points for one swim. Nice way to start the day.
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