Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Running errands - driving here, parking, going in, driving there, parking, going in, driving there... is really not my cuppa but the result is satisfying. I got several things ticked off my list. I just remembered that I did not check the odometer. I need to remember. I'm going to kick myself if I miss 20,000.

I did remember everything on my list.

Tomorrow is the first baseball game of 2017. It's a spring training game on radio only. At 12:10. My At Bat app (which is how I listen to the games) is all cocked and ready and so am I.

I'm coming to the bottom of my Universal Yums box from Italy. It's been amazing. The last thing in the box were lemon chips.

They were last because lemon potato chips???? But, they turned out to be very interestingly delicous! Italian snacks are the best for sure. I wonder what country is next month?

Here are the dolls of today.

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