Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, tiny car

This morning I was able to get in and see what my car license registration will cost me when it comes due in August. And it's not nearly as bad as I feared. That little $80 add on for transportation is the bugger. It's a percentage of the whole which is reduced because my car is so little. The price has never been high enough for me to look into the detail before. Thank you, tiny car.

Something is clearly going on with my lungs. But, also, just as clearly, the albuterol is fixing it. I was really short of breath this morning from just getting my clothes on and brushing my teeth. But by the time I got to the pool, the albuterol had kicked in and all was good. Nice to have an easy fix. I think the whole swimming thing bought me some time against COPD but I can't expect it to be infinite time.

At night, before I go to sleep, I am listening to - the Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. It's a novel about young adults living and discovering Washington, DC's social life during the Obama administration. In the mornings, while swimming, I'm listening to First Women
The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies by Kate Andersen Brower.

This morning, it felt like I was reading two sides to the same story. Kind of a weird crossover.

Today's excitement includes a trip to the library with maybe a stop at Goodwill and absolutely a stop at the Red Apple market. The library doesn't open until 10 and it's only 8 so it will be a later in the day trip.

I think I'll go make some dolls first.
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