Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fee Fi Fo Fum

My sim card arrived and getting it going has been a little anti climatic so far. ljtourist happened to text me shortly after it was all set up so I know texting works. I used one of those 'call me' websites to ensure it's ringing the right number. My T-Mobile sim is now in my backup phone and it's still connected to the now Project Fi number which is handy. Plus, in a week and a half when I'll be without electricity (and so internet) for 6 hours, I'll have plenty of T-Mobile cell data to burn up since it's paid for a good for 3 more weeks. So far... plan is working!

I've had a not very good breathing day. A couple of times while I was swimming I thought I wasn't getting a good enough big breath on the turns. When I got home, I was coughing - the dry, can't really breathe cough. I popped a magic pill that helped but still it wasn't good. So I went to find my albuterol inhaler. It's been so long since I needed to use it, I have totally lost it. (Donated to Goodwill???) Fortunately, I had a never used one in my drug stash. With an expired date of next July so whew. That really helped. But I wasn't comfortable heading out on a walk so I didn't. I feel better this afternoon and can almost drag a deep breath without coughing.

I think I'm going to use that inhaler tomorrow before I swim and see how that feels.

I just read on Twitter that someone named Bernard Coleman was working on the Uber harassment deal. My first friend to die from AIDS was named Bernard Coleman. It was 1985 and we actually didn't even know what AIDS was yet and that he died of some kind of mystery illness at age 25. I'm pretty sure he suspected was somehow tied to his being gay. He was mostly still in the closet. It was and still is one of the saddest things I've ever experienced. He never had a chance to be an open, joyful, happy adult.

Oh. I just remembered to test the tethering with the Fi phone. Set the phone up as a hot spot. Set the laptop to the phone's network. Easy peasy 22 up and 17 down. Not too damn bad! T-Mobile is 12 up and 9 down which also is doable. So I really am covered. Nice.

Fruit of the jour.

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