Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swimming was back to normal today. The regulars were there and so was my swimming mojo. I'm listening to a book about the First Ladies since Jackie Kennedy. It's fairly interesting - enough to keep me swimming.

My new sim card arrives today. I'll be switching from T-Mobil to Google's Project Fi. Here's hoping for smooth sailing. I'm interested to see it in operation.

I did not wash dishes or clean the kitchen before I went to bed last night. And it is a mess. I need to tackle it before I do else today. Which is why I have not started doing anything else today.

The whacko woman down the hall and her decidedly unwhacko architect husband have put their condo on the market. It's one of the smaller ones but with some nice finishes. I really like how they did their kitchen. This building is divided in half. The east side units (my side) all have a full bath and a half bath. The west side units don't have the half bath but do have large walk in closets. While I love my half bath, I do lust after their closets.

I also love that their realtor snapped the pictures on the snow day and then took extras of the snow in the neighborhood. Really pretty.

I watched the Good Fight last night and know, I'd enjoy the rest of it if I didn't have to pay CBS to watch it. I'm really enjoying a new silly sit com called Superior Donuts and, of course, Imposters. I watched the pilot of Doubt and think it could go either way. But soon baseball will eclipse all of it and take over the TV most nights.

Time to get to the chores.
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