Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Most every single day, I'm jazzed to get up and get to the pool and enjoy every minute of my swim. Once in a very great while, it's a bit of a slog. Today was one of those rare days. I enjoyed the swim but it seemed to take forever and it took more effort than usual, it seemed.

I often wonder what my swimming would be like if I had a pool right here - ready and waiting for me whenever I wanted to swim - steps away. I wonder if I'd swim more or less. I think on a day like today, I'd probably swim for about 30 minutes and then maybe go back later this afternoon and swim more. Lap pools inside homes are rare but every time I see one, I spend a little minute dreaming.

If/when the gym with a lap pool that's promised for the office building/hotel under construction a block away opens... maybe I'll be able to see what it actually might be like.

My legs are sore today from yesterday's walk in the too-big-boots. I think they will be fine with thick socks but without, they are leg killers.

Today's plans include a stop at the nearby fabric shop (tickets to Sew Expo next week) and to an odd little imports market also nearby to see if they have those Italian lemon butter cookies. And then the usual sewing and knitting and stuff.
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