Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I developed a headache (which I never have) and was terminally sleepy so at 8:30, I took a nap for an hour. I still felt kind of rough but continued on with my day. I feel fine now so whatever it was, it was apparently, not fatal.

I walked across to Uwajimaya. It was raining so I wore my other new cheap boots (the water proof ones). They were too big and I forgot socks and so the walk over and back was like slogging through 7" of mud. I was exhausted when I got back. But, while I was there, I went ahead and got tomorrow's lunch, too.

My extremely bright brother, bill_schubert, noodled out that one of us could get the upgraded NY Times subscription, which allows sharing with another person, and we could split the cost. Cheaper than what I had so YES! Now I had to cancel my subscription. Calling them to do this is not fun. But, when I went to find the number, I found chat. 4 painless minutes later, I was cancelled and I had email confirmation. Thank you NY Times!

The funny part, though, is remembering. I follow the Times on Twitter but only click if I absolutely, positively have to know. And I can't click at the end of the month because I'm out of free clicks. Sometimes incognito mode works but mostly it doesn't.

Now, I see a headline and think 'clickable? or no?' before I remember I now have unlimited clicks!! And the new subscription includes the crossword puzzle. I can only do Mondays and half of Tuesdays, but just that much always makes me feel brilliant.

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