Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And then NPR reminded me...

There were half the usual number of cars in the gym garage. For the first 55 minutes of my swim, I did not see another soul. Mondays are usually one of the busiest days at  the pool. Finally the old guy who water walks with weights came in. The locker room was also quiet - not even the annoying music was on. It was weird and curious.

And, then, on the way home, NPR reminded me that it's a federal holiday. Ahhhhh I probably could have slept in and gone swimming later. Or stopped at the grocery after my swim. The usual traffic won't be happening today. Missed opportunity. No biggie.

Today's items of to do include trying to fix my swim earbuds. My originals got a wire short so I move the tips to some others and they aren't a perfect fit but I plan to fix that with some Sugru. My Sugru is a little out of date but I'm hoping it will work anyway. If not, I'll just order up some more.

It's a cloudy day so a walk over to Uwajimaya is on this morning. I might even extend it over to Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store) just to have a look around.

Otherwise, the usual sewing and just messing around and being ready for whatever comes along.
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