Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I knew this would happen

My fear in getting monthly boxes from Universal Yum was that I'd fall in love with something I'd never be able to get my hands on again. Two months in and it happened.

These cookies are heaven. Little buttery nuggets with a kiss of orange. YUM. And not available on Amazon or anyplace else I can find. Sigh.

But, what is available on Amazon now is my 2013 Pixel Chromebook. It's a great machine and in great shape but I just don't need it and want to buy the new Samsung one with an onboard pen. (Which, also, I do not need.) I'm a little ambivalent about parting with the Pixel so if it doesn't sell, I won't be crushed.

Today's Poke bowl score turned out to be a turd. The rice was horrible, the shrimp was spiced way beyond my desired hot level. Nearly a total fail. BUT, it was a poke bar - like a salad bar - so the fail might be corrected by better selection. I'll give it another go next weekend. And tomorrow, it's back to Uwajimaya.

Last night, as she often does, Zoey curled up into her computer monitor bed. But last night she struck a pose just just tickled me. I need to get in there and wash those pillows - they have a layer of black cat hair on them.

The dolls du jour.

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