Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm a cheater...

After my swim this morning, I stopped by Metropolitan Market on the way home from the pool to see if their poke bar was set up yet. It was. I picked up lunch without having to walk for it. And, it's very likely that I'll do the same thing in weekends to come. Weekdays won't work because I need to zip home ahead of traffic but weekends... oh yeah. And the poke bowl obsession continues.

I don't do Facebook but I am enjoying Instagram. I need better web software, tho. I want to see the photos of all the people I'm following in the order they were posted (newest first) in kind of a 'friends page' situation - on my laptop, not my phone. I am having no luck finding anything but the Instagram web page which bugs the crap out of me - mainly because there's no way to get rid of "suggestions for you" which take up most of the first screen. I have no intention of ever using it for my stuff, I just like to follow others. I killed a good hour looking for a better web page/app and found zip.

Last fall, Seattle passed a gynormous mass transit initiative. I was underwhelmed with both the price tag and the plan and did not vote for it. But I was in the minority. The discussion, at the time, was how can we not?! We must have this! Why would anyone vote against it??? Well, now they are finding out. The funding was based on an increase in car registration - license plate tabs staring in 2017. As your tabs expire, you get the bill for the new ones. And the shit is kissing the fan big times. It does amuse me how all those 'we must have this!' people are now all 'what the fuck???!!!' My tabs expire in August. They have this online tool you can use to see what the bill is going to be but it won't work until you get within 6 months. It won't work for me until Friday. I'm guessing my bill will be about $500. I hope it's not more than that. But, I so appreciate being able to get the heads up with some time to save for it.

My hair is amusingly short. I think she took about 2/3rds off the length. It's a great cut. And I really appreciated it in the pool this morning. I'll be interested in seeing how it grows out.

Nothing big on the agenda today or really this week. Just the usual which is fine and dandy.
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