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I'm not a sun lover. I don't like heat but I really hate glare and the sun just kills my eyes. I can never find glasses dark enough. This has been a great winter so far for me. But yesterday and particularly today, the sun is out with a vengeance. I did get over to Uwajimaya and back before it got really bad, though.

50 years ago I graduated from high school. (One of my classmates got knocked up before graduation and it just dawned on me that that kid is now 50 years old. Now, that's freaky.) Anyway, I went to what was pretty much one of the old time girls "finishing schools". (Yes, I can curtsy and had seminars in smoking ediquitte and how to terminate domestic employees - I'm all over that kind of shit.) The 4 year school had about 120 students.

My class is gearing up for a reunion at the end of April. Yesterday an email went out with 25 recipients (The original class has about 36 girls. I suspect a lucky few got lost over the years and another few died.) and the reply-alls have been constant ever since as they decide where they are going to stay and warn everyone that they are no longer nubile 18 year olds and might look different than they did 50 years ago. I finally set up a filter to bypass my inbox so now I just go in every few hours and read the latest. I don't even remember most of them or have a very vague recollection. I do hope they have a great time, but I have zero interest in joining them.

In totally unrelated news, my neighbor, Ann, who lives down the hall and at one time popped in here every day or a couple of times a day to drive me crazy until I had to put the kibosh on the practice, has her condo up for sale. It landed in one of my real estate alert nets this morning. Someone has done a fabulous job of decluttering her place. They seem to have removed half of her stuff. She has knick knack - itis and while it was always clean and dusted, it was overgrown with stuff. She had maybe one square inch of clear counter space in the kitchen. But, those pictures show it really nicely. I hope she gets a good price and fast. She's probably been in a high state of anxiety about the listing and will be a basket case until closing. Wonder where she's going?

I rarely see her any more. She does go to every condo board meeting. For the past 18 months they have been revamping the rules for swapping out carpet for hard flooring. The rule has been that you could do it with the permission of the owners of the unit below you. Ann gave the owners of the unit above her permission and she has been bitching about it for the three solid years since. At every board meeting, as soon as the topic comes up, she asks about what can be done for her unit to fix the problem in a 5-10 minute recessitation of the problem. And, at every board meeting she is told by the board that nothing can be done. We'll have an extra 5-10 mins now for every board meeting!

When I got home after the housecleaner had left on Wednesday, I noticed one of the chairs out on my terrace had been moved. I'd been trying to noodle out who and why and finally, just now, it dawned on me. The housecleaner always takes a smoke break mid cleaning - she doubles it with a trip to the dumpsters. I'll bet, since she knew I was out for the duration, she had her cigarette out on the terrace. Which is fine by me. Lord knows I've enjoyed many a calming puff out there. I'm just glad to have solved the mystery!

Here are today's dolls. I think I'm going find an Italian nibble from the Universal Yum box.

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