Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My brain is stretched

I've just killed two solid hours on this changing phone plan thing. It started out with my wondering about how I could keep my current cell number under Google Fi but still have my current Google Voice number as THE main phone number.

Along the way I read a couple of things that said I cannot keep my Google Voice number as THE main number. Phone Phreak Out by Moi. Turns out that to do a chat with the Fi people and was assured that my beloved number was safe. I am way too old to be memorizing a new phone number.

Also I found a $3 a month plan with T-Mobile that I can use to keep my current cell number alive if I want which I just might. Back up, baby.

I got my Universal Yum box today - Italy!! I'm only luke warm on Italian food but OMG can they make candy and treats! I gave ljtourist some of my Ukraine goodies from last month but I'm afraid he's going to miss out totally on Italy. There just aren't going to be any spares.

My walk over to Uwajimaya is getting easier every day. I kind of hope this poke bowl obsession lasts for a while, it might help my I Hate To Walk issues.

Oh and the poly-fill stuffing came came back into stock on the Walmart site so I ordered one more box. I don't have a place to put it but maybe by the time it gets here next week, I will.

And I made 3 dolls.

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