Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another side of diversity

Not everyone is like me. I know that. I have some quirks. And one, it seems, is my use of webcams. This does not seem odd to me but it appears I am the only one on that list.

My webcams have recently come to light again. I've had at least one public webcam on in my living room for about the past dozen years. Their popularity with the masses ebbs and flows. I can go months or years without even remembering they are there. And then, some webcam compilation site or a few of them will add my cams and all of a sudden I'll start getting Tweets and emails and, today, phone calls from people frantically warning me that my web cams are exposed to the public. When asked, my response is, ok or yes, I know, I set the cams up myself.

Mostly people are horrified at the very idea. WTF??? I am a fat 68 year old woman who mainly works on her laptop and/or knits and watches TV. Always, by the way, with all my clothes on. When I have actually engaged with these people and asked them directly what danger/issues/problems they perceive my cams are causing me, no one has ever been able to come up with any.

What is the attraction to viewers? I have no idea. What is the danger to me? Again, no idea.

If the chatter/warnings keep up, I'll just lock the cams down again which is annoying but effective.

I've killed a fair amount of time this morning with finances. Getting everything annotated and reconciled. I make this a little more difficult than it needs to be due to old systems I set up a while back. I need to revamp I think.

But, first I'm going to sew. And then go out and walk over and get the poke bowl du jour.
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