Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All done

I walked, I sewed and... I did my tax return work! I feel productive.

My lungs behaved very nicely when I walked over to Uwajimaya. That's kind of a relief. I often think that whatever I think is wrong with me is psychosomatic and the fixes I apply, when they work, are simple psychological placebos. But, even if the Spriva is helping only in my brain, that's fine by me. My bottom line is to be able to breathe and however that needs to happen is legit in my book.

Also the poke bowl was just as good today. I did remember to take a picture before I inhaled it.

I made three dolls while listening to which is my new favorite news show. It's only available in an iPhone app. They have a website which works pretty well on wifi but is pretty flakey on my phone outside. I just got a tweet from them that they are working on Android and on fixing the website. It's mostly 6-12 minute segments of various pod casts and news shows on a really wide range of subjects. I like it a lot.

But, I cut my sewing time short because that tax work was nibbling at me. So I just sat down and did it. I'm guessing I'll have to pay probably $500 or less. And then another $300 to the CPA. I'd be perfectly ok with paying less to both.

Then I put my boots on and took the papers to the mail box. Done and done.

The house is pretty picked up so things are fairly under control for now.

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