Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Will walk for poke...

I walked up to Bartell's and got the stuff I needed and then figured I'd walk home via Uwajimaya which wasn't that far out of the way and I needed more almond cookies. After procuring the cookies, I stopped by the take out counter to see if anything looked good. Same old, same old. Most of their take out stuff is just ok and expensive. Except, what was this? Uwajimaya has hopped onto the poke bandwagon... $10 for tuna bowl or salmon bowl. Ok, I'll give it a try... Tuna.

I got home at lunchtime so I pulled out some chopsticks and from bite one, I knew I'd found gold. Delish. I mean just perfect. Perfect seasonings, perfect veggies and perfect amount (not too much) and perfect rice (I like my poke rice cold). I could have eaten two bowls, I think.

I'm seeing a lot of walks over to Uwajimaya at lunch time. It's going to be costly. But, I get the steps in and it will be delicious. I'm thinking it will be $10 for a sure fire walk incentive.

Just after I finished the bowl, I saw on Twitter that Uwajimaya just kicked everyone out because of a power failure in the international district. Seattle City Light shit is just so not together. Turns out a lot of the neighborhoods closest to here had their power knocked out when a car hit a pole. But, I just got a text from Goodwill that they are now back in biz. Whew.

I got a lot of sewing room work done. A lot of cutting out of doll bits. Which always gets me in the back since my cutting out space is the wrong height. But now it's done so I'm free from cutting out for a while. I need to make some more faces. So I got the blanks all cut out and ready - maybe tomorrow.


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