Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

LA Fitness Legit

The pool was crowded this morning. I get there when the doors open so I can be assured of a lane in the pool. Most weekends this is not really necessary. But this morning it sure was. I was first in the water but 5 minutes later all lanes were full. Wild.

After my swim, I found a sales person and took my membership issue to him. He was all over it. He found me in their system - all three of me. The Silver Sneakers me, the Silver & Fit me and the pay-real-money me (which, happily, only had to be for a couple of months). He just reactivated the original account - the Silver Sneakers account and all was good. I now have a record of all accounts with tag numbers and online creds in my Last Pass vault. Ready. Do not try to get rid of me, LA Fitness, it won't work and it will waster your time and tech.

I've killed a big part of this morning cooking and then eating breakfast and then with my Windows PC, getting stuff organized and operating like I want it to. Three of my audio book holds came available from the library yesterday. Feast or famine! They will come due before I can listen to them all so I downloaded the MP3's into iTunes for safe keeping. My iTunes is disconnected from the internet so the books won't expire. At least iTunes is good for something. The kitchen needs a clean up. And then I think I'll sew.
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