Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Pizza Tire Check(®)

While I was sewing, I got to thinking about that tire. If it really does have a problem and the tire light goes on tomorrow on the way to the pool, I will be SOL and maybe not able to get home. So maybe I should take the car out and drive it around the block or so and see if the light comes one.

Then I thought, well, heck, why not just pop back over to West Seattle and get a pizza for dinner at Papa Murphy's? That way I can really test the tire fully. So... that's what I did. I ate breakfast when I got home from the pool this morning but no lunch and now I am being tortured by the smell of pizza - even unbaked it smells delicious.

And the tire light did not come on. It may come on tomorrow but if it does, that means the leak is slow enough to hold off until Monday.

Or that Mercedes guy was just a total fail. I really do hate that dealership.

It's really warm out. I'll bet it got to 50 today. There was a brief shower but otherwise sun. So everybody and their fucking brother is out doing something. It's been a lot of weekends since I've seen this mean people out.

Now I'm done sewing and dinner is ready for the oven. I think I'll find a movie to watch while I start the next bear.

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