Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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So a day after I stopped at the Mercedes place to get my tires checked, the Check Tire light came on again. So today I pulled into my regular tire place and had them check them. The left rear was down enough for the tire guy to ask me how long it had been since they were checked.

Either the Mercedes guy did not check or checked poorly OR I have a tire problem. Experience tells me it's the former. But, because my tire place is not open tomorrow, Murphy's law says it's the latter. At least I know I can likely last until Monday without a flat. And I'll just go into the pool a little later and plan to hang at the tire place until it's fixed. There's a nice coffee place across the street. Should be fine. At least I have a GREAT tire place.

I came home to a mess that the cat had made. She often does this thing with her food if she's not licking the bowl. She paws all around the bowl. I've always taken it as a This Food Sucks message but my brother says she's marking the area cause she plans to come back and finish later and she doesn't want all the other cats to eat it. Whatever. I knew that one day she would dump the bowl onto the floor.

She eats on top of the counter because when I first got her I had another cat who had an eating disorder who's bowl was on the floor in the corner. So I just fed Zoey on the counter. The other cat died 4 years ago but did I move the bowl that I knew was going to end up upside down on the floor? I did not.

Fortunately, she sucked most of the gravy off the food before she dumped it. It was messy but not as messy as it could have been.

I just discovered that The Good Fight - Good Wife spinoff - is going to be on CBS TV for the first episode only. After that you have to pay $6 a month to see the rest which will be doled out once a week so no buying a month to binge and then cancelling. I'm not happy about this. There is nothing else on paid CBS that I'm even remotely interested in so I'd be paying for 2.4 months - $12-18 to see the show... not horrible when I noodle it out that way but it will be rife with commercials and not available on my TiVo. (There is a $10 no commercial option.) Netflix has the non-US bid so, maybe, they will get the whole thing after Season 1 finishes airing.

In two weeks, baseball Spring Training will start and in six weeks, the season starts and every night til September, I'll be watching a baseball game so no time for TV drama anyway.

My gym membership finally expired. I changed from Silver & Fit to Silver Sneakers when I changed insurance at the beginning of the year. But, my Silver & Fit membership in LA Fitness didn't expire... until today. Odd that it was not the first of the month or even the middle but whatever. The guy on duty today couldn't make my Silver Sneakers thing work "You aren't showing up in our Healthways" so he just waved me away with 'You have a week after your membership expires before LA Fitness kicks you out.' They just must be so proud of their employees...

At least I have a week. I sent an email to Silver Sneakers but they will reply sometime towards the end of next week and tell me to call them. I'll try at the gym again on Monday. At least I have a week.

Now I think I'll mosey on back to the sewing room and cook up a doll or two. Here's a bear that got finished last night.

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