Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The dog turned out fine but not my favorite. My hand is in there for a sense of scale. And, he only has 2 feet so standing on his own isn't his jam. I have a good idea about how to make him with four legs... maybe one day.

I heard back from the iPod Shuffle place. His email sounded as if they were wriggling out of replacing my brick-that-used-to-be-a-Shuffle. I replied and quoted the email he sent me last October promising to replace it if it failed. To his credit he backed down off his high horse really quickly. These damn waterproofed iPod Shuffles are excellent to use but they really don't last. There are about 4 different outfits who buy them from Apple and then waterproof them. All have 2 year warranties BUT those warranties are one time replacements so rarely 2 years at all.

Someone on Twitter was bemoaning this not long ago and others, including myself, chimed in so at least I know it's not a special snowflake situation. Meanwhile I bought another one that should arrive today. Backups in this situation are pretty critical. I can swim in silence but it's not fun.

I walked down the street to take the broken one to the post office and boy was it windy and cold. That's enough outdoor activity for me for a while!

I think I won't go out to dinner tonight but I do think I'll order in. I think I'll have Amazon bring me some mongolian beef. The minimum order is 4 meals for me but it freezes beautifully and I haven't had it in a long time. (Edit later: Turns out to be FIVE meals! Ate 1, delish! 3 in freezer and 1 in fridge. $30. Not a bad deal at all.)

I have lots of good Tivo stacked up and bears to knit. Plus the pool doesn't open til 8 tomorrow so I can stay up late and sleep in! Whoo hoo!

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