Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've had a very busy morning doing this and that and spending this and that.

My iPad Shuffle was DOA again this morning. Fuck it, it's going back. It's under warranty but the first one died after 45 days and it's replacement has been in service now 2.5 months. Sigh. I also ordered a net new one. I'm resigned to buying a couple of these a year now. Even at that, it only amounts to a dollar a swim. Since my swim is free, my suits only cost about $20 each and last at least a year, ditto with goggles... I'm still getting by on the hobby cheap. Most any other sport has higher costs so I'm cool. Pissed but cool.

So, new one will be here today (thank you, Amazon, for one-day shipping).

And I found a shorter version of my new boots and ordered up a pair of those - $12. They are so light and flexible and comfy, a shorter version could double for house slippers! Especially at that price.

Nothing big on the agenda today. I do have a new pattern to try out - a stuffed dog. Just something different that still uses up my fun fabrics. I might go out for happy hour dinner tonight but that always seems like a better idea in the mornings than it does when it actually gets to dinner/happy hour time. I'm so lazy.

I think now I'll get my lazy ass to the sewing machine and see what this dog looks like off the paper.
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