Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Two birds, One stone

My check tire light came on a couple of days ago. It means that one tire needs a teensy blow job. Not critical but I hate the light. Usually, I just pull into the tire shop by the gym after my swim but since I'm going in so early now, he isn't open. Today, after making the bear/doll delivery, I stopped in at the Mercedes dealership which is just down the street.

While the guy was checking my tires, I checked the 2016 Smart car they had on the floor. I'd been up close before but this time I opened the door and sat in it and gave it a thorough going over. I think it may have cured my new car fever, at least for a bit. It has some fun new tricks BUT it also takes away some of the best little thinks about my old version. Little things like how the glove box is situated and the handy little drawer under the radio and the two little cubbies on either side of the steering wheel. Plus the ignition key is in the steering column. No thank you.

So, excellent. I didn't want to buy a new one anyway. Their colors aren't fun like mine. However, if something happens to my car, I could, if I had to, live with a new one.

Jeannie at the Baby Bank is all in a fret about Trump and fears the nurses she works with will be out of a job. Jeannie is one of those who borrows trouble from whoever she can find to dish it out. But, if her nurses don't have jobs then she won't have any pipeline to give away her baby stuff and I'll lose my sweet adoption deal. March will make 10 years she's been taking my bears in. I would be sad to lose her and in rather an inventory pickle. Fortunately, I'm not one to borrow trouble, I'm cross that bridge when... etc people.

Turns out my iPod Shuffle was just out of juice. It's now fixed. However... I checked it yesterday after my swim and it said there was 75% left. This morning there was 0%. hmmmmm

The poly-fil crisis is abated for now. Walmart has this 'send me an email when this is available' thing that I dutifully apply for nearly every day. I've gotten 3 of the emails but each time, when I click 'shop' it takes me to the page that says they are out of stock. Finally today about 1pm I was sewing and my phone said I had an email and it was Walmart and I hit 'shop' and they had some!! I ordered 3 and then knocked it back to 2. (I really don't have room for 3.) I ordered right from the phone so as not to lose a minute. The order went through. WHEW!! 5 minutes later I checked the webpage and, yep, Out of Stock.

So, lesson learned. Stay vigilant and act fast! At least now I have about 2-3 months worth of stuffing in house so maybe another six weeks or so before it's time to panic again.

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