Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's all what you get used to... and random stuff

My cat jumped up on my lap this morning and her back paws screamed to my thighs "CLIP ME!!!". When I got her, the vet said she was about 4 years old. And, it was pretty darned clear that her claw clipping experiences had not been a fun time. So, twice a week, we'd sit down and pull out the clippers and give it a go. Some weeks I got no claws, some weeks a couple, some weeks she let me do all of them. Now, some 8 years later, she doesn't love it but at least, like this morning, once she lets me know this isn't her favorite activity, she calms down and I can check and clip the claws on all four paws. My thighs are happier.

This morning I took a flashlight to the back of a closet. I was pretty sure I had given all my old boots to the Goodwill but I thought maybe there was a pair left. Nope. But, oddly, I found a pair of fleece lounge pants that I have zero recollection of ever seeing before. I mean Never. My closet is giving birth to clothes on its own. Wish it would birth me some boots - ones that don't leak, plz.

This morning I have errands to run and I'm kind of waiting for the Baby Bank lady to ping me that she's ready for delivery. I'm sure that the minute I leave the garage, I'll get that email. But, if I postpone the errands, I won't hear a peep. Not critical either way. She's never there in the afternoon so at least I only need to be alert this morning.

When my T-Mobile account sneezed on Sunday, my thoughts immediately turned to Google Fi. While I generally hop on any and all Google offerings immediately, for a variety of reasons I did not take them up on their offer of cellphone service. But I have watched the maturation of their offerings. It's my really only Plan B. I now pay $30 a month for T-Mobile and get 100 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 5GB of data. It's a prepaid program, my phone, and no contract. And it's worked well for the last 3 years. Except last Sunday morning. Plus, lately I've heard rumors about their discontinuing my plan.

So I've been doing research. And it appears that Fi will work fine for me, cost the same and enable me to buy more data immediately if I need it which my current plan does not. I have the next couple of months already paid for so tons of time to watch T-Mobile and think about whether or not I want to switch.

Woot! My brother just hired a new guy for his shop. They are so busy and really need more hands on deck. I think he found a good one. So yeah.

And, finally, listening to books instead of music, really does slow down my swimming. But, slow swimming and fast swimming really amounts to the same in a fat old lady so I don't really care - I still get an hour's worth of good exercise and I'm really enjoying the book. I have the next book selected and queued up!
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