Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sleepy and cold

That's me... sleepy and cold. The sleepy is a mystery. I even took a nap (and I really hate daytime sleeping) but it didn't seem to help. The cold is no mystery but I just put on a shirt under this one so maybe that will help.

I got the neatest keyboard today. My little usb keyboard is getting flaky. I think it may be the docking station usb port but the keyboard is old and I decided to give this Logitech one a trial ride. It rides good. It's primary purpose is for my main Windows 10 computer BUT, it can service 3 bluetooth devices at once and even has a little stand for a phone or tablet. Quite functional. It's also for Apple products so it has some funky IOS indicators on the non alpha numeric keys but I can live with those. I like it and for $30 it now has a home on my desk.

Three dolls done. Last month's are still in bags by the front door. Jeannie's last note said she'd let me know when she made it into to the 'shop' so I could make the drop off. There are still slick streets around other parts of the city so I suspect it will still be a day or two. No biggie for me but those are going to be some unhappy creatures when they get unpacked.

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