Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy day even with 2 extra hours

So with no swimming, I have two extra hours today but not enough time. The math on that eludes me.

Zappos granted me return on the Uggs. They no longer have the model but I found it on another site and it said clearly "Pretreated to repel water and stains". The Zappos note said "Unfortunately not many people know that some Uggs were not made to get wet, and these are one of those pairs." Seems to me, knowing that, they should maybe call it out on the boot description...

But, anyway, I'll get my money back so I'm not at all unhappy. I did have to go box shopping down in the recycling dumpsters. Found one, packaged them up and returned them to the garage and into the UPS Out box.

A fairly important piece broke off my airfryer today. Pisses me off. The piece is on the basket part which is not covered by warranty. Too late for Amazon return. I think it will still work ok. At least I hope so. I'm now too attached to the damn thing to give it up.

I did two loads of laundry and stripped the bed. I have one sheet that is perfect (I only use a fitted sheet, no top one). Every time I put it on I think 'I need to order another one of these.' Today I went from sheet putting on to sheet ordering. Finally! I have two sheets that need to retire (aka become doll legs/dresses/accouterments). And I remembered to search for a coupon and found one that worked - 15% off!

At one point, this morning, snow was predicted for tonight again but that's all gone now and it looks like swimming will resume tomorrow. Whew.

After the snow stopped, I did get two dolls done. And now, I need to go fold all that laundry.

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